Gamma Match

The Delta Loop impedance matching is obtained by the use of three different gamma matches (one for each band), which provide a typical impedance of purely resistive 50 ohm.

Gamma_Match_SmarTechTogether with horizontal wires, the gamma match is a very important part of the antenna. In fact, the use of systems built with bad mechanical parts and low-quality materials is the main cause of the efficiency degradation for any antenna system.

GammaMatch_SmarTechSmartech Innovations gamma matches are made from the finest materials that technology makes available today.

The dielectric, in virgin polymerized and stabilized tetrafluoroethylene, maintains its chemical/physical characteristics over a range of temperatures between -200 ° C and + 260 ° C.

Furthermore, the special material is inert to the action of any chemical compound, insoluble in water and in any organic solvent. It has excellent fire resistance.

Since the dielectric hygroscopic coefficient (water absorption) is zero, Smartech gamma matches performance remain constant even after prolonged exposure to adverse weather conditions.

Thanks to the specific design and materials constituting the gamma match, the resulting typcal dielectric strength is 600 kV.

SmarTech gamma matches have considerable arc resistance and any sagging of the dielectric do not cause carbon deposits but only not-conductor vapors wich do not degrade the functionality of the system.

Power rating: 5 kW